About Us

Company Overview

Chism Technologies owns all rights to Horse Hydrator.  Chism Technologies is based out of Merrill, WI and is a family owned company that strives to provide quality products to horse enthusiasts.  

The Chisms have competed in the horse industry for decades, and have noticed many things; First, horse enthusiasts were constantly trying to get the best performance out of their horses all of the time.  Secondly, it has always been a challenge to get horses to drink while they are on the road.  

It is impossible to demand the optimal performance out of a horse while that horse is dehydrated.  The Horse Hydrator will keep horses better hydrated by taking foreign tastes and other contaminates out of the water.

Management Team

Jeff Chism
Sheryl Chism

Jeff and Sheryl Chism have been passionate about horses since they were children.  They also run a large horse event center in northern Wisconsin and learned first hand about the importance of keeping your horse hydrated.  Jeff and Sheryl are happy to make an impact in the health of horses across the country.  

Kasey Chism

A lifelong equine enthusiast, Kasey was raised with a natural passion for rodeo and animal health. As an accomplished intercollegiate rodeo athlete, Kasey has the good fortune of a great education coupled with the know-how of not only what it takes to keep an animal physically sound and competitive, but also the challenges that come with trying to maintain that level of drive while traveling tens of thousands of miles in a year's time.